Long Live Lodging


Long live lodging

Our very first client was an independent motel in a rural American town and that website was humbly built from my parent’s house and the very back of some classrooms at Georgia State University. When done, I created an invoice with Microsoft Word and it took me a little over four months to collect that $700. The Myriann roots.

Since 2008, I have worked with a broad spectrum of clients spanning a variety of diverse industries. As our agency grew, we found ourselves more and more aligned with some of lodging’s most recognized names, including Access Point Financial, Ashford Trust, Hodges Ward Elliott, Interstate Hotels, and Noble Investment. I was invigorated working closely with some of lodging’s most respected leaders on their creative strategy, digital strategy, social media, and a variety of other outside-the-box endeavors. This ultimately led to my tiny ‘eureka’ moment: working closely with my lodging clients was what moved me; I found solace in being surrounded by walls of ‘that’s just how things are done in our industry‘ and then driving a sledgehammer to those walls.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce a major shift in how we do things at Myriann – as of this year, we’re going to dedicate all of our creative offerings and storytelling to the lodging industry.

Lodging has always been behind with creative strategy and playful storytelling and we’re thrilled to help bridge that gap one client at a time, one pixel at a time.

Long live lodging.

April 25, 2016