In everything we do, we're interested in how design and technology can illuminate businesses, people and the communities around them.

Since 2008, we have partnered with over 400 visionary clients to translate bold ideas into thoughtfully articulated identities, stories, and experiences.


  • Execution

    Get it Done

  • Freedom

    Slay Constraints

  • Innovation

    Remain in Motion

  • Growth

    Sharpen Your Sword

  • Synergy

    Think Big Picture

  • Define Goals and Set Expectations

    Chart your course. Set sail.

  • Do Your Job

    Understand your role and fulfill it each day.

  • Go the Extra Mile

    Exceed all expectations.

  • Recruite Elite Talent

    You’re only as good as your weakest link.

  • Talk Less, Do More

    Talk is cheap. In the end, only the result matters.

Our Team

  • Anand Patel

    Founder & Director

  • Neha Patel

    Partner & Creative Director

  • Ankur Gupta

    Project Manager

  • Mariana Andreozzi

    Graphic Designer

  • Lorena Porcellatti

    Graphic Designer

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